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Bob Duff is a veteran Canadian journalist and a published author who has covered sports at all levels for more than three decades. Through conversations with movers and shakers within the sports world, Duff has unearthed many opinions on the benefits of seasonal sport, and in the case of some elite professional athletes, how they believe participating in other sports has allowed them to excel in their chosen sport. Duff is a four-time Professional Hockey Writers' Association Award winner. He's also a four-time recipient of the Ontario Newspaper Award for sportswriting. Duff covered two Olympic Games for Canadian national newspaper chains. He's a past vice-president of the Society of International Hockey Research and an honourary member of the Elias Sports Bureau.


Mark McGuire is a former professional European athlete, Coaching Association of Canada Learning Facilitator and Ontario Minor Hockey Association Course Conductor. For over 35 years Mark has certified coaches and instructed skills to thousands of learners in four countries. Mark owns a Leadership Development business and is a graduate of St Clair College, the University Windsor and the Goethe Institut.

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