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Give and Go Sports Film Trailer 2022

Give and Go Sports Film Trailer 2022

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The Give And Go Mandate

We need to return youth sports to the mindset of the past, where there are seasons for sports. Skates are put away in the spring and exchanged for baseball mitts or soccer balls or golf clubs, or all of the above.

Female Softball Team

Seasonal Sport

The mission of youth sport should not be to create robo athletes pursuing the elusive goal of becoming a pro, but rather to teach kids how to work toward an objective and in many cases, how to work together as a group toward that objective. And also to recognize at a young age the value of regular exercise in pursuit of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Youth Basketball Game

Educational Outreach

Parents need to be informed and educated as to how their child will be much better served in the long run both as athletes and as people if they spend their formative years experiencing a variety of activities and pursuits.

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A Bit of Background

The Give And Go sport education documentary will assist Canadian athletes, parents, educators, sport administrators and volunteers better understand the healthy sport/life balance. All stakeholders will now have access to a researched teaching tool with input from several amateur sport organizations, professional athletes and national sporting advocates group with THE SAME MESSAGE….. a growing body of research suggests that specialization—the intense, year-round practice of a single activity at the expense of others—is dangerous for the youngest athletes, while picking a sport later on is in fact more likely to lead to an elite athletic career.

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“Play other sports. Have other coaches. Hang around other kids, other parents. I think that’s all healthy. Kids don’t need to play all year, they can have a program of light exercise and play other sports. If you look at the best players in all sports, they’re athletes— they play other sports.”

Bobby Orr

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